We are a group of students who have completed our Law Graduation and throughout our journey we faced a problem that there are not many resources available on the Internet to help us during our Honor’s & Master’s days to complete our Assignments & Legal Research.

We found resources only from books and hand notes that are not particularly appropriate for Assignment & Legal Research.

Also we faced another issue that most of the foreign writer’s books are not available in rural areas of Bangladesh and purchasing them over the internet is so costly that most of us can’t afford it.

So we thought it would be a good idea to build a portal with Law resources in the Bangladeshi aspect to help students like us who can use the resources for their assignment and Legal Research purpose.

This is a simple initiative from students like you and us to collect and build resources to help students of Bangladesh.

If you want to share your Assignment, Legal Research, Books or any other resources to us feel free to mail your documents to us at legalresearchbangladesh@gmail.com

We will post your document along with full courtesy to your name.

If you want to join our team in our initiative then you are also welcome to join us.